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Crispy Spicy Beef Slices


500 gram beef chuck

1 tsp. lime juice

salt to taste

vegetable oil

100 gram red chilies

16 small shallots

1 ripe tomato




1.      Trim the beef from any fat and cut it very thin, square pieces following the meat fibers.

2.      Work the salt and lime juice into the mear and then let it dry in the hot sun until it is very dry and resembles beef jerky.   It usually takes several days to dry.

3.      Slice the beef into 6x6 cm squares and fry in a deep fryer until brown and dry.  Remove and set aside.

4.      Coarsely pound  the red chilies, shallots, salt and tomato.  Fry in 50 ml oil until fragrant.  Add the beef and stir-fry to coat the slices and distribute the flavors.