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Oyster Sauce Beef

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beef 12 oz
ginger 3 slices

soy sauce 1 tsp.
corn starch 1 tsp.
sugar 1/2 tsp.
wine 1/2 tsp.


oyster oil 2 tbsp.
water 2 tbsp.
corn starch 1 tsp.
sugar pinch
pepper pinch
sesame oil dash



1.        Clean beef and dry it. Slice it.

2.        Marinate beef with Seasonings for 20 minutes.

3.        Heat oil for a while. Turn off the fire. Add (2) to wok. When the colour of (2) turns white, take it out and drain.

4.        Keep 2 tbsp. oil in wok for sauteing ginger slices, Add (3) to wok.

5.        Pour over wine and sauce to wok. Fry quickly. Serve.