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Categories: Entree

Chinese Food:
Stir-fried Beef with Kale
Flank Beef with Turnips
Oyster Sauce Beef
Fried Spareribs in Sour Sauce
Roast Spareribs
Herbal Chicken
Stewed Chicken Wings in Oyster Sauce
Five Spices Cuttlefish
Boil Shrimp
Crab with Bean Thread in Pot
Steamed Egg
Stir Fried Three Fungus

Stir Fried Thread Noodles with Chinese Chives
Fried Rice with Ginger
Bloom Brings Wealth

Spanish Food:
Ox Cutlet
Roast Kid
Chicken Drumsticks in Beer
Grilled Salmon
Salmon Hotpot
Salmon in Lemon Cream
Lobster Rice
Squid with Rice
Salmon in Ribeiro Wine
Rice with Octopus
Pasta with Clams
Scallops in Albarino Wine
Lobster with Fresh Cheese Cream

Indonesian Food:
Diced Beef in Black Sauce
Deep Fried Beef and Vegetables Wrap
Crispy Spicy Beef Slices
Braised  Chicken in Coconut Milk  
Banana Leaf Roast Duck
Coconut Milk in Chicken Broth
Peanut and Tiny Sea Fish
Minced Seafood Satay
Indonesian Fried Rice
Pineapple Chicken Rice
Fried Egg Noodle
Steamed Vegetable with Peanut Sauce
Vegetable Stew